Mudslut Band Pays Tribute To Walking Dead

Walking Dead’s managed to move me to and from various emotions with consistency throughout the years. This past season, I’ve been a bit more on the annoyed side of things. There’s debatable issues regarding pacing, translating the comic to screen and effective storytelling. However, there’s no doubt it’s still one of the greatest shows on television right now. If you aren’t caught up on the show, you should stop reading right here.

Still there? One of the biggest controversies of the season were the deaths of too beloved characters. I didn’t take issue with that in particular. I was more pissed off with the cliff-hanger approach. Watching the first episode with everyone ultimately doing nothing but sitting in disbelief at the sheer horror of it all didn’t help either. Nonetheless, we lost some memorable characters even if we saw it coming.

Walking Dead doesn’t explore the soap opera-like elements of most dramas or casual romance as most do. I’m thankful for that. In a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and other unbelievable scenarios and personalities, I don’t want it muddled in the meanderings of someone’s crazy love life. Glenn and Maggie shared a natural budding relationship that didn’t overwhelm or detract from the overall story. We’ve seen other growing relationships in the latest seasons, but Maggie and Glenn defined a certain kind of love for quite some time.

Mudslut offered a musical tribute of their relationship which was pretty cool. We’ll have to all reminisce on better times until Walking Dead returns in February. Until we all can enjoy watching Rick going Rick on Negan and extracting vengeance for Glenn’s brutal death, lets reflect on happier times!

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