Can’t Wait For Attack On Titan Season Two? Neither Can I and Neither Should You

Attack On Titan – Wit Studio/Production I.G.

2016 is behind us and 2017 will see some great television ahead, particularly in the anime universe.  Attack on Titan is set to premiere in April this year with an official season 2 trailer teasing things to come. If you haven’t heard of this anime yet, you’ve got to do some serious googling. This series has been praised by critics and fans alike. I haven’t seen enough to put it up there with my treasured Death Note just yet, but it’s definitely exciting and a fast paced story.

Titan tells the story of humanity struggling to survive in the shadow of colossal human-like beasts with an insatiable need to devour them. The premise sounds ridiculous, right? As far as being an anime lover, the story isn’t hardly as silly as it could be. Any of us anime heads can regularly vacillate from fantastically demented romance stories to post apocalyptic tales of tortured heroes without breaking a sweat. This series manages to perfectly show why anime is a geek catnip and why everyone who doesn’t partake is really missing out.

There’s a consistent thread in the storytelling that’ll help you follow along if you’re new to the series. The value in sticking it out through the subtitles and outrageous plot-lines is Titan’s ability to make you care about its characters and believe in the struggle they’re facing. The Japanese are masters at taking seemingly simple themes, turning them upside down and forcing you to truly consider the consequences of any action. The good stories, in all their melodramatic soap opera-ish flair at times, convincingly make you forget you’re watching a cartoon. Check out the trailer below and subscribe to whoever you need to in order to catch up on this great series.


  1. Personally, I could care less about season 2. The manga is so bad now, and the story is so messed up, that I stopped caring. The animation looks good, though.


    1. Oh no! Really? I haven’t read ahead with the manga. As much as I loved Death Note, I thought the quality dipped towards the end a bit. Well, here’s hoping they improve on the manga, it’s possible. The showrunners I believe mentioned the series only lasting 3 seasons or so.

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