AirPods Review Update: Pseudo CarPlay

Today I discovered another use for my AirPods – better iPhone experience when driving.

CarPlay was launched by Apple a couple years ago and is slowly being rolled out to more and more cars. I purchased my current car a little over a year ago, but sadly, CarPlay was not added until this model year. Now I have heard that CarPlay is no grand panacea but it would be great to easily respond and message people while keeping my eyes on the road and use my other iPhone apps through my car.

The AirPods won’t allow me to use Apple Maps (maybe a good thing) but they do afford me easy access to Siri while driving. Now, pre-AirPods, my car does connect to my phone via Bluetooth to play audio and make/receive calls. The Problem is that to access Siri while driving, I need to use the Apple Watch and that can be very cumbersome (pressing iPhone home button or using “Hey Siri” command are both non-responsive when connected to the car’s Bluetooth).

Now, when I drive, I can have one AirPod in my ear (only one so that my ability to hear ambient noise is not deterred) and simply use the double tap gesture to activate Siri. This gives me the ability to send or have read to me, text messages as well as control Apple Music with my voice.

This does not provide the complete or ideal CarPlay experience, but is definitely an improvement to my iPhone car experience. Just another reason to love my AirPods.

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