2017: A Year In Preview

Every year the prospects of new movies makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Going into 2016 who would have thought huge blockbusters like BvS, Suicide Squad and X-Men Apocalypse would have been so bad. I’m not going to let that curb my enthusiasm for 2017. Here are your 2017 blockbusters with very high expectations.

The Heavy Hitters, Over 1 Billion Box Office

Star Wars EP. 8 – Nothing is bigger, better or receives more hype than a main entry into the Star Wars saga. Rian Johnson, of Looper fame, is set to direct this next chapter into tthe franchise. Expect something different from EP. 7, and frankly something better. I have high hopes for Rey’s past being revealed, Luke kicking ass, and finally seeing who this Snoke really is. EP. 7 was the safest play in movie history, expect EP. 8 to come out swinging since Rian has already said to expect a bit of weirdness.

Justice League – Everything is on the line here. The future of DC is hanging in the balance, Wonder Woman is not going to make or break Warner Bros’ DC film ambitions like Justice League. I will never forgive DC if they mess this up. They will surely have to be in full reboot mode if this one flops. Ben Affleck better have veto power over Snyder, because one is great at directing/story telling and the other is nothing more than a glorified cinematographer.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol .2 – Solid cast, solid director, and even bigger stakes that will lead directly into the much built up Infinity Saga. I am 100% positive this will hit expectations. Fun is not something you can say to describe many movies, Guardians is pure fun.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – I absolutely trust Disney/Marvel, little information is available but Spider-Man is the most marketable and bankable superhero in the known universe. I expect this to be a major treat for 2017. Tony Stark being a father figure/mentor only bolsters the potential.

*Financial Advice: Buy stock in Disney, don’t think about it, just do it. They set records for studios in 2016, 2017 will be even bigger.

Solid Entries, Most Likely Critical and Box Office Acclaim

Blade Runner 2049 – The original Blade Runner still stands the test of time and is warmly regarded by critics and fans alike. Ridley Scott’s original masterpiece is set to debut a sequel with Harrison Ford returning in some capacity. Given the mature subject matter and Scott’s slow-paced style, if it’s anything like the original, it’s doubtful to be the biggest film of 2017. That won’t stop it from being a success. Foreign box offices are more forgiving of an “R” rated cerebral experience.

Logan – This is going to be Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the most perfectly casted comic book hero to date. I have not been a fan of the Wolverine solo entries, but I love the “Old Man Logan” graphic novel and that is loosely what this is based on. Expect more story than CGI. If you do not know the character X-23, google her because after this she will be the next X-Man with adamantium claws and indestructibility, a passing of the torch if you will.

Kong: Skull Island – Warner Bros is building this up in hopes of parlaying this into a clash with Godzilla. I am way freaking excited about this and the potential. I can just see it, Kong and Godzilla and as the buddy cop monster team this world needs to take on whatever monster Kaijus come to challenge. King Kong is on steroids in this, three times larger than any other version that has appeared on the screen, but this reflects the fact that Godzilla is on steroids as well. I expect a solid movie that builds into a larger franchise.

War for the Planet of the Apes – The first two have been absolutely solid. I expect nothing less in what should be the final installment. This isn’t a series that people geek out about, but it is something that has always been well worth the price of admission.

Mixed Bags, Could Go Either Way

Alien Covenant – There’s a lot of hype surrounding the latest entry in the Alien saga. After Prometheus, a lot of fans were left disappointed. Although the latest images and recently released trailer reveals a return to form, it’s unknown how much anticipation for it exist out of the diehard fans.

Thor: Ragnarok – This is about as weak as Marvel has been. I have not enjoyed the first two installments. However, this is a movie that should feature the Hulks, Planet Hulk storyline. I am way excited for this but there is going to be a lot going on. Combining Ragnarok and Planet Hulk storylines in what will probably be a 2 hour movie is a lot to cram in. Something like this could be a trilogy but the end of this is supposed to parlay directly into The Infinity Saga. Who knows how this will go over but I am eagerly anticipating this one.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – I have heard a ton of hype, check the trailer if you have not yet. This could be next big saga but I think this is mostly directed at the teen crowd.

Wonder Woman – I am not impressed by the trailer, DC is so hit or miss. This wont make or break DC, but a solid entry would go a long ways towards helping the Justice League movie. I will go in not expecting much, hoping for the best.

Bombs, I Guarantee It

Transformers: The Last Knight-This one is going suck. I was really hoping a reboot without Michael Bay was going to happen. Oh well, China is going to love this and because of that Michael Bay will continue to get directing jobs.

Power Rangers-Why can’t we get a damn Voltron movie. Same for above.

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