It’s Here…

20th Century Fox did not disappoint. They dropped the trailer for the hotly anticipated ‘Alien Covenant’ on Christmas Day. I drooled over the images a few times, but found the trailer nicely edited, not giving too much away. Much in the way of the Blade Runner trailer, it teased more than spoiled. Most importantly, it managed to look quite impressive and gave me a vibe somewhere in between Alien and Aliens.

I’m not expecting immediate classic levels of greatness from this film. They have the daunting task of establishing a new crew and new lead who may be eclipsed by Michael Fassbander’s ‘David’ anyway.  The novelty of the alien life cycle is well-known by now so I’m interested in what new things Ridley Scott plans to bring to this film. I’m hopeful that it will at the least be a step up from ‘Prometheus’. Alien Covenant hits May 19 of 2017. Check out the trailer below.


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