Nintendo Switch Update

There was a lot of speculation regarding what exactly Nintendo’s “lifestyle” machine would be, back when they were discussing the Wii U’s successor with investors. They’ve lifted the veil somewhat on their next home console system, leaving a lot to the imagination regarding internal hardware. January we’ll know some things for sure when Nintendo reveals more about the machine ahead of a March release. However Eurogamer is already spilling the beans via an alleged leak on how powerful the recently announced Nintendo Switch actually is.

Nintendo Switch (unknown Mario game) – Nintendo

Make no mistake about it, I’m a Nintendo lover until the day I die. Outside of the Wii U, I can say I’ve owned all they had to offer at some point or another. With that said, they’ve still managed to disappoint at times and the absence of a Wii U from my house gives credence to the idea that Nintendo needs to bring something more to the table. Our introduction to the Nintendo Switch showcased their typical bizarrely fun approach we’ve come to expect. The games teased weren’t earth shattering or unexpected either. This time around Nintendo is courting third-party developers, a change from previous stances it appears.

Portable Nintendo Switch (unknown game) – Nintendo

Rumored to run on similar graphics that power tablets, people didn’t exactly expect a PS4 or Xbox One rival in that department. With Eurogamer reporting on Switch’s hardware speed and power, it’s looking like the mobile version of it will run considerably slower. Supposedly, even while docked it still won’t measure up to current generation systems. After the Nintendo 64, I feel like Nintendo gave that battle up long ago. While I do want them pushing their graphical capabilities, I also want them to get out the red as far as home consoles go. Nintendo needs to come out cheaper than their rivals, rally around their first party games and encourage third-party developers to help attract those less loyal than me. I’m not a hardware guy, so I’ll let you all take a look at the info and make your own judgement on the system’s capability and speed.

Nintendo Switch leaked specs:

CPU: Four ARM Cortex A57 cores, max 2GHz
GPU: 256 CUDA cores, maximum 1GHz
Architecture: Nvidia second generation Maxwell
Texture: 16 pixels/cycle
Fill: 14.4 pixels/cycle
Memory: 4GB
Memory Bandwidth: 25.6GB/s
VRAM: shared
System memory: 32GB, max transfer rate: 400MB/s
USB: USB 2.0/3.0
Video output: 1080p60/4K30
Display: 6.2-inch IPS LCD, 1280×720 pixels, 10-point multi-touch support

Source: Eurogamer

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