Winter Is Here And So Is A Chance To Catch Up With Game Of Thrones

Kit Harington as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones – HBO

Game of Thrones ended season six on a well received finale, signalling things are coming to an end sooner than later. If you haven’t caught up yet, no worries on spoilers in this post. I plan on diving into some theories when we get closer. Closer feels like an eon from now after learning producers don’t expect it back on HBO until later in the summer. HBO is already making us wait more than a year for Westworld’s second season. I guess it’s a trend I’ll have to get used to if they keep bringing the quality shows I’m witnessing. If the next season of Game of Thrones is anything like this past, I’m down for a little delay.

George R.R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series centers around warring factions, dynastic drama, magic, ice zombies, sex, dragons and more. Well, when HBO adapted it as ‘Game of Thrones’, they threw in quite a bit more of their staple nudity and ridiculous violent sequences. If you haven’t watched it, I’m sure you’re familiar with the pop-culture craze surrounding this series, only rivaled by Walking Dead. Even with the gratuitous nature of the show, Martin crafted an excellent story with all the classical elements of the fantasy adventure genre. HBO adds a visual canvas brought to life by more than capable actors who embody the spirit of the written work. Some hardcore book readers would debate that. No complaints however from me.

Lena Headey as Cersi on Game of Thrones – HBO

HBO is airing what looks to be a marathon of the entire series starting the day after Christmas. If you don’t have HBO, now’s a time to snag it up and check this series out. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone’s login for HBO Go/HBO Now? Either way, you’re only doing yourself a favor if you watch this show or read the book series. Have a drink and pour it up while powering through the HBO marathon. It’s just in time for New Years!

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