New Bloody Pic From Alien Covenant Proves It’s Going All In And A Resident Evil Trailer

Looks like Fox is going to tease pics all the way up to a possible teaser or full on trailer before the year is out. It was already rumored by Birth.Movies.Death. that pieces of footage shown to members of the press would make its way to our eyes very soon. They also first mentioned James Franco having a small confirmed role in the film. I’ll sound like a broken record telling anyone how excited I am for this film. Maybe I didn’t need the gory pic just yet, but having confirmation of the darker tone is great. Like any film, it still needs a solid story and solid characters to get behind if it’ll have any hope. Stay tuned for a trailer hopefully in a few days and more pics.

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Also, it looks like a CG film based on Resident Evil is coming out sometime in Japan on May 27, 2017. Resident Evil: Vendetta (Biohazard in Japan) will have series favorites Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy battling some sort of convoluted mess of a situation. At least that’s if they’ll stick closer to the video games, unlike the Milla Jovovich lead American film series. After a fun viewing with Resident Evil 2 of that series, I don’t know exactly what they’re still trying to do. Jovovich’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (we can only hope) comes out January 27, 2017. Maybe I’ll be surprised. I think there was another one I liked in that series. I love Milla, but it’s getting harder and harder to watch her in this mess of a series. At least the games are fun for the most part. Both trailers are below for your pleasure, or not…

Source: Deadcentral

Resident Evil: Vendetta

Resident Evil: The Last Chapter

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