Alien Covenant Pics And DC’s Justice League Assembles


Alien Covenant – 20th Century Fox


Alien: Covenant (2017)Katherine Waterson
Mark Rogers – Alien: Covenant (2017) Katherine Waterson

Alien Covenant

The guys at @AlienAnthology posted some cool new pics from Alien Covenant, opening May 19 of next year. This will be Ridley Scott’s prequel film to his original ‘Alien’ from 1979.

*SPOILER* Set shortly after the events in ‘Prometheus’, we’ll find out what android David, played by Michael Fassbender, has been up to. *END SPOILER*

Katherine Waterston stars and will be facing off with the titular xenomorphs this summer. A new photo of her comes courtesy of an Entertainment Weekly article.

I’m more excited about this than anything else next year. Still sounds like Scott is taking the adult, non PG-13 route and making it into a truly horrifying tale. If he can draw upon the roots of his original masterpiece, we’ll all be in good hands. As if that’s not enough, this one photo below teases some armed military looking folks. Could he be tapping into James Cameron’s own ‘Aliens’ for inspiration? Do you know how freaking cool that’ll be? My level of excitement is off the charts for this one, but there was a time when I felt this way about ‘Prometheus’. Ah, why do I do this to myself….

Justice League

JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) (L-R)†EZRA MILLER as The Flash,†BEN AFFLECK as Batman and GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/ © DC Comics

It’s not like I don’t have enough to worry about in life. I’ll already be sweating bullets hoping Alien Covenant delivers and Wonder Woman gives DC the critical hit they deserve. While I’m happy with the extended Batman vs Superman cut, it wasn’t exactly a solid 8, 9 or 10. Even with the extended Suicide Squad film, I’m left wondering what exactly I spent two hours of my life doing or watching. Wonder Woman had a great trailer, but so did the other DC films… Entertainment Weekly has another article revealing three characters we’ve seen in other DC films. Doesn’t give away too much but manages to stoke some excitement. I think its well cast but worry about studio interference on this one. When it hits next November, which version will we get? Should I go see it right away at the theater or wait for the special edition? Don’t want to go too negative just yet. I feel a bit burned but am willing to get excited as more pics come out. Stay tuned for a new Justice League trailer shortly!

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