Rogue One Is # 1 At The Box Office And Mario Jumps Onto IOS devices

Rogue One –

Rogue One met expectations and more, reaching approximately $155 million domestically. Reviews are still lavishing the film in praise and there is plenty of holiday time for them to collect more millions. Given the darker material, we’ll have to see how this Star Wars film holds up in time.


Box Office Top 5 Estimates:

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – $155 million
  2. Moana – $11.66 million
  3. Office Christmas Party – $8.45 million
  4. Collateral Beauty – $7 million
  5. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – $5.03 million

Source: BoxOfficePro

Super Mario Run – Nintendo

Mario finally leapt onto IOS devices a few days ago, marking the first time everyone’s favorite plumber debuted in a full game on a cell phone. From the Nintendo NES Classic release, their Nintendo Switch announcement and now Super Mario Run on iPhone, I’m a very happy man. Truth be told, most of my gaming hours are dedicated to the Sony Playstation 4, but I’ll always be rooting for a Nintendo comeback. At $9.99, Mario is a bit steep for a gaming app, even for an Apple snob like me. I played through the free version so far. It surprisingly feels very much like a classic  Mario game, though admittedly, it took a few play-throughs to get used to constantly running. I found myself pissed that I was missing those purple coins or mushrooms. After a while I developed a bit of a rhythm and enjoyed the game much more. I could see myself buying this in time and there’s certainly room for Nintendo to add ALOT of content. Check it out and share what you think about it!

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