Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Hits The Web

35 years later we’re finally getting a sequel to a sci-fi masterpiece/classic. Based on the late and great author Philip K. Dick’s, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, the original Blade Runner opened to critical but mild box office success in 1982. I was barely born by the time this film came out. Like so many others, I came to watch this gem much later and still hold it in high regard, unphased with how its aged.

The visuals of Ridley Scott’s original film were tantalizing and grounded in realistic portrayals of the near future. It can be a brutally slow watch for those who don’t care about small setting or character details. Trust me, it’s worth the viewing for an overall appreciation if you respect this genre at all. Blade Runner has got to be one of my top 3 of all time sci-fi films. None of the brainy works of late come close to touching this movie.

Denis Villenueve, of Arrival and Sicario fame is taking over directorial duties while Scott is staying on as producer. Villenueve is an interesting director who’s made some pretty good films. Can he handle something like Blade Runner? I’d go a bit hard on him if it weren’t for Scott’s own shaky record of late. I’m hopeful and know the two are talented. The trailer looks a bit more Mad Max than replicant dystopia, but its early on and not much is revealed. 2017 is shaping up to be an amazing year!


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