Star Trek Discovery Has Found Its Lead

Gene Page-Walking Dead/AMC

It looks as if Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast as the series lead in Star Trek Discovery. Set 10 years prior to Captain Kirk’s voyage on the Enterprise, ‘Discovery’ seeks to reinvigorate the Star Trek franchise  on television and launch CBS’ streaming services next summer. Early on, we learned the series would focus around a lieutenant commander. Producer Bryan Fuller,  before stepping away from the project shared they were looking for a woman of color, inspired at least partly by Nichelle Nichols and astronaut Mae Jamison.

Sonequa’s already shown her acting chops on the small screen and is growing as a fan favorite on The Walking Dead. I wonder if this reveal is a bit of a spoiler for that show? She joins Michelle Yeoh, playing Captain Georgiou alongside ship mates Lt. Saru, played by Doug Jones and Lt. Stamets, played by Anthony Rapp. Lt. Stamets will also serve as Star Trek’s first openly gay character. Chris Obi, Shazad Latif, Mary Chieffo round out the casting so far as three Klingons.

CBS hasn’t let loose on spilling the plot just yet. That’s not stopping fans from speculating on what sort of events it will cover. Spanning just 13 episodes, its promising a serialized approach to story telling, unlike the previous iterations of Trek. Deep Space Nine definitely had more of a serialized thread to it than others. However, this marks the first time we’ll get to see a conflict unfold on a starship during the course of a whole season. I’m guessing we’ll get a bit of Klingon action and maybe deal with the Federation/Klingon cold war proceeding Kirk’s Enterprise launch. What are some of your theories? With the cast coming together, it’s only a matter of time before we all find out.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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