It Came, I Saw, But Did It Conquer? A Non-Spoiler Review

This isn’t a proper review, nor is it intended to spoil any major plot points of the film. If all you’ve seen is the previews, you’re safe.  That said, hell yes this film hit all the marks it was supposed to and most certainly conquered! You are doing yourself a diservice waiting to see this. Many of the plot points will leak out in time and you could spoil yourself from a pretty fantastic experience.

Rogue One managed to pay homage to its old fans and captivate new ones in just a few hours of film time. Unlike The Force Awakens, which had to both meet expectations of original trilogy fans and also rebuild trust after the prequels, Rogue One is free to be its own film. It did great work with that freedom, somehow being both an effective Disney film and a Star Wars story. More on that later in a spoiler review…

It’s clear Disney’s gamble on standalone Star Wars films have paid off. They’ll be running to the bank on this one for sure, but most importantly they’ll be producing solid Star Wars movies for some time to come. I’m sure you’ve got your own opinion and some ideas on things you loved about the movie. Feel free to share below, but no spoilers in this particular article.

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