Rogue One Is Here And The Reviews Are Pouring In

Sitting at 84% on Rottentomatoes, Rogue One is already proving a critical success. People are praising a “darker” approach and surprised with Disney’s allowance of intense action sequences. The reviews I’ve read have been mercifully light on spoilers. You’d have to do some digging to really get into the details of what this film involves. With the film’s impending release on Friday, why not just go yourself?

From CNET, New York Times and Rolling Stones, I’ve only read good things so far. Even Chris Hardwick on ‘Talking Dead’ Sunday gushed about how great it was. I’ll be finding out for myself this Friday like millions of others. I’ve used the non spoiler reviews as a way to mentally brace myself for the experience. On the one hand, I don’t want to expect to much from it, yet I want to be excited as hell too! The Force Awakens was a great film, but it didn’t quite nail home the fanboy excitement of seeing the series return.

Hollywood Reporter already is reporting Rogue One could hit upwards to $300 million globally. That’s impressive. Lets also remember Suicide Squad almost made a billion dollars for a second. The big money doesn’t always translate to a successful concept on-screen. However, I strongly think I’ll be walking out of the theater thoroughly satisfied. What a great week. A strong mid-season finish for Walking Dead and now I get to cap it off with Rogue One. Tell us what you think about it when you see it. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review this weekend!

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