The First Few Hours Of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV/SquareEnix

I bought Final Fantasy XV a few days after it hit shelves. I needed a bit of extra time to wrap my head around the fact I’d be playing the series again after a very long absence. I’ve dabbled a bit with Final Fantasy after its ninth entry, but only a bit. As much as I’ve tried various MMORPG’s, I just never got into the genre properly. A military commitment screwed my chances of enjoying Final Fantasy 10. Eitherway, something felt askew in the soul of the series shortly around that time period. Looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, I also needed to grapple with my own expectations and learn to embrace the current atmosphere of role-playing games. SquareEnix isn’t making a Final Fantasy for me, but for everyone.

Final Fantasy XV begins with a dream or vision of sorts, promising some pretty scary reveals in the future. The world is huge and the ambition of this game is astounding. It properly lays out a new Final Fantasy world with creative precision equal to any of the previous entries of the series. You take the lead of Noctis, traveling with Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus as he sets out to marry his fiancé, Lunafreya. It was really weird only having Noctis as a playable character. I guess I expected to jump back and forth between story lines as Final Fantasy XV’s plot grew.

I’m not going to go into any spoilers in this post. I’m only a few hours in, maybe 7-8 hours. I’m having fun with the battle system. It’s fundamentally different from any Final Fantasy I’ve played before. Probably a well tweaked and improved upon version of the Final Fantasy XIV system. Feel free to torch that opinion in comments, after all I never completed the previous one. The music of the game feels appropriately scored and hits the right emotional notes. The voice acting is surprisingly good. Yes, it’s corny a lot of the time, but that’s mostly due to the script as opposed to the voice actors.

Final Fantasy XV/SquareEnix

So far I’m impressed with the technical aspects of the game. I hit a few major plot points, but I still don’t feel invested in the road trip so far. I don’t mean that negatively. I just mean I need to get further into the game. I’ve been scavenging for hunts and working on building up stats. I’m a bit intrigued to explore more of the world. I heard it gets much more linear after a bit so I’m taking my time. No real complaints thus far. In fact, I’m very encouraged by the overall design and hope the story catches up. Feel free to share some non spoilery stories you have. I don’t expect to have the game completed for a month or so. In the meantime I’ll drop in with some impressions.

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