Rogue One: Be Ready For The Best Installment Since Empire, Yep I Said It

Not since 1983 have we seen this universes unique feel and touch. The Force Awakens tried to force that same nostalgia on us and failed. George went a completely different direction with the prequels but sometimes they nailed it (not Anakin or Darth Jar Jar), Overall they were very underwhelming. I haven’t seen Rogue One but outside of that corny “Rebellions Are based On Hope” speech, the trailers look great. Rogue One absolutely looks and feels like an original installment. There is going to be more Vader in this one movie than the whole entire prequels combined. Death Star, OG Star Destroyers, X Wings, and all sorts of Original Trilogy perfectly executed nostalgia is about to hit us with a Force that only 23 years of separation can bring.

Here Is What We Know-No sequel. I think if this does as much $$$ as Disney is anticipating, no way do we not get a sequel or more films exactly like this. The runtime is 2 hours and 18 minutes. Perfect! 50% of what we have seen in the trailer is not even in the movie!  Not going to happen here.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story/Disney

The dynamic I am looking forward to seeing the most is the power struggle between Vader and Krennic. We are not 100% certain what Vader’s place is officially in the Empire, but we know Tarkin has a higher seat at the table. Krennic appears to be almost at the top of the food chain, is Vader or Tarkin his rival? As excited as I am about the new characters, Seeing Vader wipe out a whole platoon single-handedly will be the highlight of any post OT star wars creation. This is what we wanted in the prequels! Now we get an appetizing dose.

Who is going to steal the movie and throw out some performance we won’t see coming? Donnie Yen and The Forest Whitaker, easily! You cannot give Disney enough credit for the creativity in the cast and the broad range of characters background. Here’s to Lucasfilms never fucking it up like DC.

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