The Most Probable Outcome Of Climate Change

The human mind is one of the most impressive things in the whole entire universe, the collective human race is one of the least impressive things in the whole entire universe. One person named Albert Einstein was able to elevate our entire race by formulating The Theory of Relativity while the largest superpower the world has never known spent its first few hundred years enslaving people and reigning terror on the world in the name of capitalism while overwhelmingly worshiping the most socialistic/pacifistic Diety that ever existed (Jesus). No mindset has ever been more destructive and more violent than “in the name of God”, if you need any proof just look at any thousand year conflicts currently going on in the name of their all powerful universe creating super diety. If you follow a religion it is more than likely that religion has a beginning and an end, and there is nothing a human can do to prevent or affect Armageddon, for it is written and cannot be stopped. Faith is based on believing without evidence and evidence is based on proof.

The amount of Evidence in favor of climate change and man’s impact on the environment is overwhelming, the amount of Faith that man cannot bbring about its own destruction overwhelmingly is Trumping the evidence of climate change. The biggest misconception in climate change is that we are destroying the Earth, this is 100% false. We are merely destroying ourselves, Earth has been around for at least 3 billion years and it isnt going anywhere until our Sun explodes in a few billion years. Classic human arrogance to think we can destroy the earth. Lets go over the likeliest scenarios that will play out as our environment, oceans, and temperatures change.

The Poor-Without a doubt no group of humans will be more screwed over than the poor but fortunately they will make up 99% of the population! Ever since the creation of currency, no one has ever been more fucked and frankly in the last 5,000 years has anyone ever gave a shit about what happens to the poor? We could go on all day about how they have the numbers and the most power but societies have been built on making them feel powerless and weak. Food, water, medicine, and most importantly happiness will be harder and harder to come by. Overcrowding and over breeding always happens in this scenario just like in India currently. I think if we look at the current situation in India, that will be a good model of what the rest of the world will look like in 20-30 years. They of course will never revolt and flex their true power because this will all be gods plan and they will fall in line because they always want to be herded into corners that they cannot escape. This doesn’t include the likely scenario of the huge water shortage, don’t even get me started on those implications for the poor.

The Wealthy- These lucky bastards are going to have a great fucking time. Destroying the world is highly fucking profitable and if you are in the non renewable energy field, the governments will subsidize the fuck out of you and hand out trillions so they can cut wages and increase salaries of executives (The Good Ol Boys Club). Trump is going to make sure that the coal and oil industries get a Renaissance because why the fuck not. These rich old white men get to throw their old disgusting dicks at young models that are lining up in droves to taste their power and escape poverty, when they die their kids get to inherit it and feel superior because they were simply born into it. Its gonna be a sweet fucking deal for them. Trump has been exposing that tiny old D to broke ass eastern block woman for years, every rich kid in the world now has a model for success and hope that they can be president someday!

Corporations- Mark my words, they will take over power from the governments. This is already happening and in the future the next superpower will be a corporation, not a government. My vote is Google/EA/Comcast/Facebook form some massive company and use our search histories and WI-FI access to enslave us because we are going to be so poor that they cannot monetize us. I bet you never thought that donkey video would come back and haunt you, you sick fuck.

Animals- PETA is gonna hate to hear this but animals are screwed, more so than the poor because they wont be able to treat themselves to the dollar menu at Mcd’s once a month. We are in the sixth great mass extinction event in Earths history and its so hard to notice when you can watch any fetish porn movie you want on your cellphone and selfie the intelligence out of social media, JK we are all super fucking excited to see what you got to eat at Chipotle and even more stoked you stuck to your new years resolution almost 24 hours. Blah blah blah our wildlife is done for and we wont bat an eye or do anything outside of maybe signing an online petition and then pat ourselves on the back because we care!

Technology- This is gonna be amazing. We are in the golden age of science and tech, few will be able to afford the benefits of this but out brightest minds will always fucking shine and kill it with discovering shit. Eventually tech will replace every worker in the world, and it will be unstoppable over the next hundred years. Will this allow tech us to live a life of joy and leisure or a life of slavery? Our future all depends on some Einstein/Tesla like genius/visionary coming in and flipping the world and science upside down. Hey Elon Musk, no pressure but its looking like its all on you!

Oceans- Think of the oceans as stale lifeless voids that are as strong as a 90 year old with a pacemaker and strong diabetes. That is actually a description of our current oceans. I would love to describe at length the horrible details the future holds for our oceans, but I just quit smoking pot a week ago and I am depressed enough as it is.

Forests- Probably the only sanctuary we will have to go to for the what’s left of fresh clean air and natural untainted beauty. It would take Donald Trump hiring a EPA chief who doesn’t believe in climate science and appointing a Secretary of State who corrupted Enron and is a puppet of Putin to completely screw over our forest land, no possible way would that ever happen! If you ask climate scientists what the best place you could relocate to for the best possible chance of survival in the U.S. and the highest quality of life, Montana (fuck it let’s just go to Canada, eh!). The general consensus on the worst place is the coast and large cities. Get the fuck out of LA, NYC, Houston, Detroit, and pretty much all of them.

Will the runaway greenhouse effect ever swallow the atmosphere and cause the living hell known as Venus’s climate where we reach 300 degrees in June? No. That would without a doubt kill all rich and poor and we know they will never allow themselves the same fate as us regular folks. The Earth still would be just fine if we wiped ourselves out completely with the runaway greenhouse effect and it would restart over the hundred million years. We are after still technically living in an ice age, this would be prime time for the Earth to reset as we rotate further away from the sun for a few thousand more years.

The evidence for this future is incredibly strong but the faith that we place in ourselves, leaders, and the man in sky will guarantee it. Next time you watch one of those informercials about third world kids starving and drinking brown water that looks like Chris Christie took a shit in (I bet he would, that sick fuck), thats a good picture of what our grandkids future holds. I look forward to being poor, displaced, and hopeless with all of you.




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