Westworld Delivers A Satisfying Finale To An Outstanding Season

***Spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own risk!***


Westworld weaved an intricate story, jumping between generations and corralling our interest deep into its world as each episode aired. Fresh off of the finale, it’s going to take quite a bit contemplation to digest each and every plot twist. Despite being a complex story prose, the show provided the right amounts of action and shock to keep you focused. By the end, Westworld built a highly serialized season planned out with masterful undertakings.

Anthony Hopkins shines as Robert Ford, effortlessly leading the audience  from one emotion to another. Even when his motives became clearer towards the end, he still managed to balance both an insidious nature and sympathetic persona in his scenes. He was helped throughout the season by strong performances from both the human visitors and the robots in Westworld.

Westworld stoked a lot of interest in figuring out its many mysteries. The show teased us with several items of insignificance early on, only to find out how connected they really were with the main storyline. Many times I felt like Dolores, wondering what I was watching and when is this taking place. The William/Man in Black reveal was teased throughout and probably something I already guessed at. Instead of being annoyed at the obvious clues, the way they chose to handle it still proved satisfying.

Anthony Hopkins in Westworld/HBO

Maeve’s attempted escape felt a bit choreographed with me feeling the elaborate ruse was sure to fail. The tug at her artificial emotions when thinking about her daughter managed to come across as a believable internal struggle. Dolores grappled with her dual programming, with both the audience and her learning who exactly Wyatt is. William’s evolution into the Man in Black and that look of glee he flashed in the closing moments solidified him as a new threat, assuming he survives.

There’s so much to digest and delve through. A rewatch of the season is certainly a must. Dr. Ford met his end, similarly to that of Arnold, AKA Bernard. Understanding both of their agendas and what it means for seasons going forward is going to be tricky. We have the original source work of the great late Michael Crichton to scrutinize, but HBO is bound to push the envelope and continue to surprise. I’ve been trying to imagine life past Game of Thrones. Westworld just made that a bit easier.


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