Have We Found Them?

Shield World Construction by Adam Burn/Earthsky.org

By them, obviously I am making a reference to Advanced Civilizations. With the recent advancements is astronomy, astrophysics, and technology, it is now most likely that our first contact will be made by detecting them many many light-years away instead of the traditional Earth landing scenarios we have mostly imagined. Let’s take a look at what mystery is currently puzzling scientists that may lead to the greatest discovery of our species.

Tabbys Star: This is the BIG ONE right now baffling scientists. Currently a star much larger than ours is dimming at a pace that defies our current theories and natural laws. Scientists have ran through the normal scripts such as comet fields, planetary debris, and gravitational lensing only to find that none of these explains what is going on. While a natural explantation in the future may put an end to this debate, they still can’t rule out that a advanced civilization is building a Dysons Sphere around a star to harness it’s energy. Scientists theorized in the 60’s that harvesting a star is the last source of energy a civilization will need to colonize a Galaxy. Stay tuned for updates as they are available, but we may have caught the building of a Dysons Sphere in progress.



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