DC Property Headed To A Streaming Service Near You?

The Cable Show 2010: Opening Panel/Kevin Tsujihara second from left

A few days ago, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara talked a bit about DC Comic’s future in both the big screen and small screen. According to a comicbookmovie article, he’s quoted  saying “If you look at what’s happening with the quality of the television product, the movies that are breaking through are the big franchises.” Speaking to investors, he also made mention of one of their more recent successes, Westworld on HBO. He seems to imagine Westworld has the potential to get to a Game of Thrones level of popularity. After seeing the latest few episodes, I’d have to agree! But more on in another article…

marvel-1641554_1280At present it seems Marvel has the comic book to TV/Movie market on lock. Year after year, their movies have been solidly consistent in quality despite the formulaic approach. I saw Dr. Strange this year, totally ready to trash it and boy was I wrong. That film was great, as different as a property it was, there was literally magic to it. It wasn’t Guardians of the Galaxy good, but good in its own right. Netflix and Marvel continues bringing some of the best approaches to the comic book world with its latest outing, Luke Cage. DC Films this past year struggled a bit. Sure Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad are making enough money to warrant more from WB, but critically they suffered from numerous issues. Man of Steel is probably their best effort to date and that’s not saying much.



DC film-verse has set itself apart from the successful work laid out by CW. Flash, Green Arrow and Superwoman are cozying up to an ever-expanding universe on the network. However, with the recent purchase of Machinima by WB as reported by Variety, matched with Mr. Tsujihara’s investor meeting comments, I’m guessing he wants something more for DC. Right now, Machinima is a cool niche channel covering many of the geek things I love from games to film and everything in between. If WB wanted to look beyond Netflix for some sort of DC world outside of CW’s offerings, Machinima could be a natural fit. WB could go edgier and develop several shows for several properties accessible on cable or other streaming services. If they can manage to pull together a coherent plan and execute, I’ll gladly beef up my Playstation Vue plan in support. Alas, its still just speculation at this point. However, I don’t see how they won’t eventually try something similar.

All this planning and talking from WB for DC is great, but I’m still a bit skeptical at their ability to execute on any level. I enjoyed both Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. But they were not the resounding success I wanted or best interpretations of those respective worlds. Their next effort, Wonder Woman looks great in trailers. But at this point, WB has already proven they are the masters of deceitfully excellent previews. Here’s hoping, on many levels, WB figures out a successful formula sooner than later. DC has the coolest comic book characters EVER. No excuses WB…

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