Alien Covenant Scores An Earlier Than Expected Release

Alien Covenant Poster/20th Century Fox

I will certainly be running to the theaters three months earlier than expected to feast my eyes on Ridley Scott’s latest entry in the Alien film universe. Originally slated for an August 2017 release, it appears 20th Century Fox has enough confidence to open it alongside the gluttony of highly anticipated summer movies on May 19, 2017.

Hollywood Reporter states the Annabelle sequel and Baywatch remake will be opening the same weekend. At least for that weekend next summer, it’s feels pretty obvious to say Covenant will certainly be the most anticipated of the bunch. I say that with complete and unflinching bias. You may want to stop here to avoid spoilers if you haven’t seen any of the previous films.

The simple tease in the poster harkens back to the basics for the series, pulling a bit away from the epic scope of Prometheus to the sci-fi/horror and suspense elements of Scott’s original masterpiece, Alien. Katherine Waterson is taking over lead from the likes of Sigourney Weaver and Noomi Rapace to do battle with our favorite chest bursters. Michael Fassbender joins her, reprising the android role he played so delightfully in Scott’s earlier Prometheus film. Rapace also stared as lead in Prometheus, though the extent of her role in this film isn’t exactly clear.

What we do seem to know is that a new crew will find its way into some trouble after meeting up with survivors of the previous film, according to Digital Spy. How much resolution on Prometheus’ Engineer related plot line remains to be seen. The bigger question is will this be more of a tease of or full out embrace of the original Alien? We’ll find out on May 19, 2017, or through the myriad of spoilers ever present on the internet.

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