Tension Continues To Build In Walking Dead

Episode 5: Go Getters (*spoilers*) –

We finally get a chance to check in on Maggie and Sasha following the brutal death of beloved characters, Glen and Abraham. Maggie’s pregnancy health scare is quickly addressed by the doctor at Hiltop and Sasha’s somehow incredulously committed to staying there instead of heading back to Alexandria. It was great seeing the creepy guy in charge Gregory, freak out over the Saviors. Jesus also finally get some screen time again, but this episode took some unbelievable narrative leaps. That said, I’m willing to look past all that for now, hoping for a mid-season finale pay off that satisfies the crazy direction the show it taking.

Those familiar with the comics already can see the pieces coming together to obviously push Maggie into a senior role there. It’s totally reasonable for her to want to stay for the sake of the baby. Sasha may feel a bit detached from the world following the death of Abraham, warranting a pass for her decision to stay. It’s clear Walking Dead is positioning its people within the world to finally confront Negan’s tyrannical ways. But geesh, I’m so tired of feeling depressed watching our guys and gals swallow the bullshit around them.

On the flip side, we have the Carl and Enid romance giving hope for a better world. His vehicular entrance to mow down a walker that I guess was supposed to save her, was ultimately endearing however ridiculous. Those actors have grown into their roles, especially Carl. As much as I yearn for the gory glory of season’s past, all isn’t lost. Like I mentioned earlier, Walking Dead is definitely moving pieces. There’s no way crazy Gregory will rule for much longer back at Hiltop. If anything, Jesus will probably see to that. This season is dragging  a bit, even by Walking Dead standards. I’m all for horror and fictitious melodrama to accompany, but its time to give the audience solid a win.


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