Walking Dead Slump And Westworld Finds Its Audience

Walking Dead Season 7/AMC

We’re just beginning to get into Season 7 of Walking Dead on AMC and rounding towards the end of Westworld on HBO. While Walking Dead has dominated the freshman series in terms of ratings, buzz is building for HBO’s take on the late Michael Crichton’s work.

Walking Dead opened up with a hotly anticipated death we all knew was coming. The way it was dragged on, the delivery and lack of actual happenings within the premiere pissed a few people off. Of course with the way Season 6 ended, you were going to naturally see huge ratings built from anticipation. Rather it was a successful decision or not, remains to still be seen.  I’m a long time Dead fan so there’s no way the subsequent slowness of the season is going to scare me off just yet. We’ve been in this situation before unfortunately. However, Walking Dead seems to always find a way.

Westworld was recently renewed for a second season. HBO execs waited it out to see how their series would do. I have to say, I thought the beginning episodes of Westworld lacked something for me. I was unable to really connect with any of the characters. Its sprawling world offered welcomed diversity in plotting, but also kept from finding a focus or actual point for me. Patience on my part is winning out. The latest episodes are revealing more of the mystery regarding the robotic world. I’ll probably dive more into spoiler territory when it ends, but I’m certainly onboard for yet another show featuring a robot uprising.

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