I had the chance to check out Arrival over this past weekend. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Letting the experience of seeing it settle in a bit, I have to say the reviews were justified. Arrival was everything Contact should have been. If you recall, Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey bantered back and forth about science and religion amongst the backdrop of alien contact. Somehow, Arrival offers a rather nuanced take on the core elements of belief that better serve the plot. It isn’t too preachy nor is it trying to be everything to everyone all at once. Amy Adams and her supporting cast give subtle, yet powerful performances, managing to take you through their struggles and fear. The story is a self-contained piece, providing a distinct beginning and ending. Such is a rarity in Hollywood these days. However, I suppose I should read the source material, “Story of Your Life”, by Ted Chiang, before making that conclusion. Perhaps we will be visited in a more apocalyptic setting next time around. This film is strongly recommended.

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