Weird But Useful Gadgets

Depending on your own perception of what’s hot and what’s not, gadgets come into a category of must haves if you’re a geek like us. It doesn’t matter what it is or how useful it might be, you just need to have one and then will figure out if it’s useful or not, life’s too short to think too much before spending that dosh – I mean just look at how shiny that new gadget it or how cool it’d look around your work area. Having said that we’ve come across a number of out there gadgets today which tick the box in both coolness and usability. Here some of our own personal preferences.

Invite a bit of green into your life with the grassy phone charger, not only does it offer the look but also the feel real grass being grown in a container. It’s synthetic and you are able to place your phones, camera’s and other devices by hooking them up by running a charging chord at the bottom. Placed anywhere it looks like you’ve been growing tech!grass phone

Now if you’re a game addict, you’ll find that your significant other will forever be complaining on how you don’t pay them much attention and spend all your free time couched up in front of the television with a gaming controller playing level upon levels of your favorite games. We’ve found you just the right gizmo. Message Me, is a soft, comfy vest which translates your massage movements into gaming commands. You not only get to have some romantic time in with your other half but also play your favorite game while you’re working your magic with them.

massage controller

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