Storytelling For A Gamer


A couple of years ago the biggest threat to books was e-books, they didn’t actually change the gamer geeks perceptive on storytelling but it was to most the final nail in the book shops coffin. Among other thing you did not now feel the need to walk down to your local book shop, spend time browsing and then selecting a book to read or even a story to tell to others. Devices like the Amazon Kindle took over everyone by surprise, you just needed to browse the category and download the book within seconds of you selecting it right from your cozy home or wherever you were at the time.

Needless to say we’ve noticed many a people on our morning commute with these devices in hand sifting through pages with a click. So how does this compare with the gaming arena? Like all good books all good games are scenarios and stories in their own right, which respectable console owner hasn’t actually played through levels of The Wolf Among Us to feel as if they are living a second life. Needless to say what story telling use to represent say over two decades ago isn’t the same today? A more important question which requires some probing is the fact that gamer’s perceive story telling in their own way and have their own vision on what a good story should be.

One word – Interactive! That does really sum it all up, a gamer wouldn’t actually bother nestling down with a good book but would rather go online and play World of Warcraft and create their own start and end to the story. They will live through each level of it and come out at the other end with something more gained and a lot more ahead of them to be achieved. So has the whole idea behind story telling changed? Or will we still exist in parallels where the story book is still an important aspect of our bedtime regime.

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